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Who We Are

Hugh Bayliff, great grandson of Hugh Peel Lane Bayliff, owns and operates Chilancoh Ranch with his wife, Hellen, and children, Mathew and Maria. We run the same beef cattle herd on the same pastures and wilderness range our family has used for more than 100 years. We arefollowing the ranch history of creating resilience and innovation based on the knowledge of the times. We are drawing on generations of local knowledge to both get back to and improve on the old practices of reliance on grass and grazing, rather than machinery and haying, to not only maintain but enhance soil health, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Hugh went to Olds College in Red Deer, Alberta where he graduated with a Diploma in Livestock Production. He participated in agricultural exchange trips to Switzerland and Australia where he worked for 6 months in each place where he enjoyed learning about the different cultures and farming practices of the families he stayed with. He also travelled to Africa with his sister, and to South America on his own.

He married Hellen von Harbou, of southern Alberta, in 1998. She had a degree in Anthropology, and spent several years working and studying in farming villages of the Middle East. After graduation, she held the Nature Interpretation contract at Garibaldi Park, North of Vancouver, for 5 years, after which she worked for the BC government in Social Services. Hellen followed in the footsteps of the previous ranch wives, and helped with the ranch work, riding, and haying, and now cell grazing, as well as running the office and doing the ranch books. Presently, she is pursuing a Master’s in Environment and Management, with the idea of helping to improve our ecosystem, ranch and community health, sustainability and resilience in these challenging times.

Mathew (13) and Maria (10) are home schooling, raising free-range chickens and selling eggs, and help on the ranch moving cattle, range riding, setting up and moving electric fences, and doing many other jobs.


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