We sell natural grassfed beef that is sustainably produced

Our Vision

Our family seeks to sustain itself and future generations on our ecologically healthy land by building long term relationships with our customers. We would like to sustain our customers with our nutritionally-packed, naturally produced, grass-fed and grass-finished beef at an affordable price that will also support our family.

Our cattle live on pasture or native grasslands, and eat grass, legumes, and hay in the winter. They are hormone-free and are wormed by good management practices — moving cattle often to disrupt worm life cycles. They are treated with antibiotics only when medically necessary. We fertilize our pastures with manure from our own cattle, as well as by bale grazing in the deep winter, and with some organic fertilizers and natural mineral additives such as ionic calcium.

Together, our family and our customers, can ensure healthy, resilient ecosystems on the ranch and in the greater landscape — one that is biodiverse and supports an abundance of wildlife. Supporting sustainable agriculture means that we can protect our riparian areas, wetlands, grasslands, and forests, so that our ecosystems continue to provide such services as the production of food for all species, clean water, the prevention of flooding and erosion, carbon sequestration, pollination, and nutrient cycling.

We are committed to reducing our carbon and ecological footprint. By moving away from machinery-intensive farming, we hope to eliminate hay production completely, and use only grazing. We use ‘Management Intensive Grazing,’ or ultra-high density rotational grazing, on our valley bottom lands, and only move our cattle to the range in July leaving more grazing for wildlife. Reducing or eliminating hay production dramatically reduces the ranch’s fossil fuel use. To date, we have downsized from 3 to 2 tractors and are in the process of dropping to just one tractor. We insulated our large, “heritage,” ranch house last year, and have moved to efficiency lighting everywhere. We are looking at all our ranching practices for further ways to reduce our energy and material uses.

What can you do?

As a customer you can contribute to local food security by supporting BC agriculture. You can fight climate change by helping farmers like us stay on their farms cultivating grass-fed meats rather than supporting intensive, confinement agriculture, and by buying locally produced food that requires less fossil fuel for transportation. Buying local and sustainably produced products will help build a healthier and more secure food system in BC.

Our customers can come and visit “their” ranch whenever they like, for the day or longer (camping can be arranged), to see what our ranch looks like and how it works, and can also explore the Chilcotin, one of the most beautiful and untouched wild places in Canada. We would be happy to recommend activities and routes. We invite you to join us in this enterprise.
Hugh, Hellen, Mathew and Maria Bayliff


Chilancoh Ranch
Box 5
10411 Bayliff Rd
Redstone, BC V0L 1S0


Call us for prices and inquiry:
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