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Our Ranch’s History

Chilancoh Ranch is a historic cattle ranch pioneered by Hugh Peel Lane Bayliff in 1886. In those days, everything was done by hand and with horses. In the winter, animals were mainly pastured in the river valley, on the range and in swamp meadows, with a little extra hay fed in the deepest of winter.

There were no processed feeds, additives, hormones or antibiotics, and no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. A large number of people worked on the ranch in those days as there was a lot of work to accomplish and labour was cheap. They worked very hard physically, without tractors, and animals lived or died based on their health and hardiness. The herd was very well adapted to this environment.

Hugh went to England in 1891 and brought home his bride, Gertrude Tyndle who was a skilled rider. She rode side-saddle to help round up cattle, ride the range, and enjoyed competing in local horse races at Becher’s Prairie and Riske Creek, often bringing home trophies. Gertrude had some medical knowledge and helped ranching and native neighbours in times of need.

Their only son, Gabriel, returned to the ranch after serving in WW1, and together the two generations built the Big House on the ranch, in which we still live today. Gay married Dorothy Dyson from Kent England in the new house and they settled down to

 continue ranching. Dorothy was an excellent rider and helped with cattle, and also fed large crews of as many as 16 workers, very hungry after haying by hand and with horses and wagons. Gay and Dorothy had two sons, Timothy and Anthony. After serving in WW2, Timothy came home to help with the ranch, while Anthony inherited the neighbouring ranch owned by old friends, the Newtons.

Tim met Dorothy Merle Glenny, the Red Cross Outpost nurse, at Alexis Creek when he was slightly injured, and they were married in the Big House in 1954. Following the tradition of earlier Bayliff wives, Merle pitched in to help with every aspect of the ranch. She rode, drove tractors, helped with haying, and, of course, cooked for the hay crews, as well as keeping all the ranch books. They had three children: Elizabeth who now works in Williams Lake, Hugh who manages the ranch, and James who built up a logging business but died in an accident in 1994.

In Tim’s lifetime, the ranch was modernized, with the introduction of tractors, farming and haying machinery, modern breeding programs, more land clearing, the judicious use of some fertilizers, and the spot use of herbicides. He cleared more land, installed irrigation systems, increased forage and hay production, as well as cattle production.

At the same time, he was passionately involved with

the BC Cattlemen’s Association and the BC Grassland Conservation Society. His love of and knowledge about grasslands was great, and he was involved in many research projects that investigated, monitored and evaluated grassland health on the ranch and its range lands. He was proud of the improvement in the health of our grasslands and in our grassland management practices that were documented over the years since the depression and the ‘dirty 30s’ when the range was sorely over-grazed.

The family lost Tim in 2007 and Merle in 2012 and miss their unstinting support, knowledge, and encouragement tremendously.
The legacy of the three previous generations’ struggles, hardships, successes and innovation is being carried on, as we work to continue to improve the health and sustainability of our environment, ranch, and family today and into the future.


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