We sell natural grassfed beef that is sustainably produced
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New, Aged 3-Weeks, Grassfed & Finished Beef has Arrived!



Our new grass-fed and finished beef is here! It was aged 3 weeks for extra tenderness and flavour and is packed full of home-grown goodness. Definitely no hormones, anti-biotics, or any other chemicals! Check out the Shop to see what we have on offer. We have freshly packed beef coming in monthly, so you can call in your special order any time.

We’re really excited to be participating in the Oliver Street Farmers’ Market held at the Old Courthouse Square in Williams Lake and we’ll be there for the grand opening this Friday from 4 til 8pm.  Have a look at Oliver Street Market on Facebook. Hope to see you there!

We’re also really excited to be working in partnership with Caveman Grocers of Whistler who are serving Paleo diet customers in Whistler, Pemberton and North Vancouver area! You can find our meat on their website and at their stall at the Whistler Farmers’ Market. Check out their website www.cavemangrocer.com.

For health, flavour, and sustainable living, Chilancoh Ranch GrassFed Beef!

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